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December 3, 2023

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A Cancun, Mexico Destination Wedding Film – An epic 3-day resort wedding on the coast of Cancun

Their Ollantay Films Love Story

For Kate and Kevin, choosing Cancun for their Mexico destination wedding film was more than just a decision; it was a heartfelt connection to a place that held a special meaning in their hearts.

Kevin, having visited Cancun several times growing up, had developed a deep fondness for its charm. The memories of those childhood visits had woven into the fabric of his being, imprinting Cancun as a place brimming with nostalgia and warmth.

Meanwhile, Kate and Kevin, as a couple, had embarked on numerous adventures worldwide, reveling in exploring diverse corners of the globe. Amidst their escapades, they found themselves drawn to the romantic essence of Cancun. Kate, particularly enamored by the balmy air and the innate romanticism woven into Cancun’s essence, saw it as the perfect canvas to paint the picture of their love story.

Kate and Kevin stumbled upon my work following a disappointing encounter with a photo/video company that left them with no photo or video team months before their wedding. Eager to craft a wedding film that truly embodied their love story, they sought someone who could capture the depth of their journey. Drawn to my cinematic and mood-driven style, they trusted me to create a video that wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill, but an emotional storytelling experience.

Their Party Hard- Love Harder Cancun resort wedding

Picture this: a three-day luxury event set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Iberostar Resort. It kicked off with a pre-wedding bash a couple nights before on booze-cruise filled with great friends and even better vibes.The following day featured a golf tournament on the resort’s scenic course, followed by a romantic adventure session with myself and LD Photography. We captured intimate moments as they enjoyed each other’s company right by the beach, a last date before becoming husband and wife. The day concluded with a rehearsal dinner, where Kevin’s dad presented trophies for the winners of the golf tournament, and different friends and family members shared heartfelt wishes for Kate and Kevin’s journey as man and wife. Morning came on May 6th, 2023, and LD photography and I started early capturing Kate and Kevin getting ready, sharing their first look, and eventually walking out of the ceremony as Mr and Mrs. Hann. 

The vision for the wedding day? Simple yet utterly breathtaking: savoring the enchanting hues of Cancun’s sunset, nestled against the shoreline, surrounded by over 100 cherished guests who traveled from all corners of the US. They wanted the film to serve as a testament to their profound love, capturing their “party too hard raspy”, post-celebration voices as they exchanged heartfelt vows and danced the night away.

My favorite part of the day was witnessing friends and family envelop Kate and Kevin in love, joining in on the dance floor, and capturing those candid, unfiltered moments of pure adoration as they roamed the beach together.

The Details

Venue/ Planner/ DJ: Iberostar Resorts Cancun

Photographer: LD Photography

Cinematographer: Ollantay Films (Looking for a Cancun, Mexico Destination Wedding Film? Click here to start the conversation!)

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