That’s the love Ollantay couples have found & fought for. That’s the essence you want your wedding film to capture. A love that endures and lasts, regardless of life's challenges and changes. Your love, and your story, remains. 


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We’ll travel wherever your love story leads. Each package can be built upon to fit your coverage needs and unique wedding vision.

 Looking for a cinematic wedding video for your epic destination wedding or scenic Colorado wedding? 


Let’s travel to your favorite continent and celebrate the beauty in other cultures. Let’s fly to new cities and explore majestic landscapes. Let’s do a spur of the moment adventure session when we’re just hanging out at the hotel. Or maybe your favorite type of adventure is finding the beauty in your own backyard. Wherever you lead, I leap at the chance to wander off the unbeaten path. Because weddings shouldn’t just be a celebration of the past, but the beginning of a brand new chapter filled with epic new memories. So let’s run with crazy ideas and seek new experiences - this is permission to choose your own grand adventure!

Because you and your partner are my compass.


No love is mundane and you deserve a wedding video that reflects every extraordinary second. At Ollantay Films, I believe your wedding video should be an everlasting masterpiece. I use my eye for storytelling and the most innovative techniques to produce 4K quality wedding films. This means I’m constantly moving around and exploring new angles while you and your partner make unforgettable memories. I spend 20+ hours in the editing studio weaving the story behind every moment with a meticulously curated & cinematic soundtrack. Each stage of my craft is meant to immerse you back into every fleeting feeling. 

Because filmmaking is the art of elevating moments.


I’m not the type of person that will lurk in the corner of your wedding and not talk to you. I want to be experiencing every moment alongside you. I’m the hype master. Before and beyond the wedding, I’m learning all the ins-and-outs of your personalities, your love and your histories. I’m going to cheer you on and be the first person on the dance floor, camera and all. I’m the guy known to do the worm on request and run off with you on spur of the moment adventures, documenting every second and every dramatic angle. I’m here for you and your people. In the end, I want you to walk away knowing you have a wedding film guaranteed to bring back the laughter and tears all over again. AND you have a friend who vibed with you the entire time.

Because people are my passion

deep connection

the unbeaten path
let's wander off

That’s the love Ollantay couples have found & fought for. That’s the essence you want your wedding film to capture. A love that endures and lasts, regardless of life's challenges and changes. Your love, and your story, remains. 

Because every love is legendary

cinematic storytelling

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My wedding film packages start at $5000 and are custom-fit to every couple’s exact wishes and dreams. Want further information about my destination wedding video pricing in Colorado and beyond? Get in touch with me here, and let’s make it happen!

How much does your wedding video coverage cost?

Legendary. Cinematic. As classic and memorable as your favorite film. Filled with story and emotion. Filled with you and your one-of-a-kind love. 

I won’t be lurking in the corner of your wedding, I’ll be by your side making sure every angle I capture brings your story to life, so you can rewatch it for years to come. Because it’s worthy of passing down through the ages. So think: larger-than-life with cinematic soundtracks and beautiful snippets of your legendary journey. That’s my filmmaking style and mission.

How would you describe your filming style?

My filmmaking turnaround is about 10-12 weeks. Depending on the season, it could be a little longer. But, I will always keep you updated regardless!

How long does it take to get our wedding film back?

Yes! However, please keep in mind this will depend on the venue and the weather. But, I'm always happy to answer any drone questions you may have!

Do you use a drone for your wedding films?

While travel and adventure is a large part of my videography brand, I believe every love is legendary – no matter how far you go to say I do. If you want someone who will make your life feel like a movie, then we’ll be a great fit for each other. So whether you’re traveling to Europe for an epic wedding adventure or partying the night away in the Colorado mountains, I’ll be stoked and honored to work with you!

Are you just a destination videographer or will you do Colorado elopements or local Denver weddings?

While I’m unable to let my couples choose specific songs due to copyright laws, I do carefully curate the music based on their personalities and overall wedding vibe. For example, I had a couple who loved EDM. So the majority of their film had EDM-style songs. I pay for a music licensing platform that has an amazing library of songs, filled with diverse genres of music to fit every couple.

Do we get to pick the music for our film?

Yes! That is an available add on to any of my wedding videography packages. Get in touch with me for more details here. 

Can we have the raw footage of our wedding?

Ensuring the safety and longevity of your wedding footage is incredibly important to me. I have 2 local hard disk backups and 2 cloud storage backups so you don’t have to worry about losing a single precious memory.

How do you store our wedding video? Will you keep a back-up in case of an emergency and it’s lost?

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